We all have a parent or grandparent who feel like one of their life's greatest achievements was to have completed high school or college. It’s no ride in the park to get a higher education, so they’re in their right to feel proud of themselves to have accomplished that. Heck, you might even be the one who’s always bragging about the good old days when you went to high school and college, and the best way to prove and remember this is by looking at your diploma proudly hanging on the wall.

Unfortunately, paper is also a victim of time. With the years passing by and sun and air exposure, it’s only natural that your diploma starts to fade or damage, and you’ll be wanting to have a brand new diploma that looks like it was printed yesterday. In this case, what should you do? Let’s explore what restoring a vintage diploma looks like.

What is a vintage diploma?

First of all, it’s important to learn what is a vintage item, or what is the concept of something vintage. For all purposes and intents, a vintage object is something that is older than 20 years but younger than a 100 years (because then it would be considered an antique). So, a vintage diploma is a personal document that shows a person completed high school or college more than 20 years ago but less than a hundred years ago. Vintage diplomas were usually still made by hand and they have very special printings and details such as handmade stamps and seals.

Signs of a damaged diploma

When we’re speaking of a vintage diploma, it’s pretty common to see that the piece of paper or parchment has started to decay slowly because it’s been exposed to direct sunlight while hanging on the wall, or it was never framed and the air exposure might’ve been too humid for the paper, which started a decaying process in the very same.

You’ll easily recognize a damaged diploma because the paper starts getting yellow or brown-ish in the corners, the ink in the print starts to partially or completely fade away and even the seal or stamps start to detach from the paper or parchment.

The challenge of a vintage or aging diploma

But what is the real challenge of having a vintage or aging diploma that’s been under a lot of harm in the past few years? Well, as you might imagine, a diploma that was emitted more than 20 years ago is not that easy to track in a school system. The older the diploma is, the harder it might be for a high school or college to still keep track of the information on the alumni. Imagine those diplomas that are so old that were even made by hand, there’s no way the school keeps a copy of this sort of document! What is one supposed to do in this case?

How to restore a vintage diploma

If you found yourself in a situation where you have a damaged and ageing diploma that’s too old to be replaced by your school because they either don’t have records of you being a student there or they don’t have the materials to make an exact restoration of your diploma, then a diploma restoration might be the solution for you! There are specialized companies such as Quick Diplomas that are experts in receiving a scan of your original diploma and being able to digitally restore the document and make a pretty darn close exact restoration of the diploma you love.

You’ll never have to suffer the loss of a beloved piece of paper that certifies your studies, thanks to professionals restoring vintage diploma services. What are you waiting for? Send out your beloved diploma for a restoring now!