About Coursework for Transcripts

We stock of our own coursework for our replacement transcripts. This is important because there are lots of different transcripts out there. There two ways this is done, either by you providing us what you want (we call this "Custom Coursework") or where we use a general list of classes (we call that "Standard Coursework"). On this page, we will explain each of these more below so you can make a smart decision when ordering with QuickDiplomas.com today.

What type of layout do your transcripts feature?

Before we talk coursework and classes, that's explain how our formats look. We have a two column and four column format. The format is how we list and classes and organize our coursework. Our design team chooses the proper format depending on the type of transcript you want. If you want us to recreate a specific format of a transcript, ask an agent today.

What is "Standard Coursework"?

We keep a list of common courses associated with specific majors. So for instance, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) may showcase "Principles of Marketing" or "Marketing Management" as a part of it's curriculum. Again, these are common courses one may expect with any particular type of degree from a college, university, or even high school.

There is no promise that the classes list will be the same as the classes at a particular school. For instance, we may call it "English 101" and they may call it "Intro to English". But our list is similar and the curriculum is up to date as of this . For 98% of buyers, standard coursework is more than an acceptable solution. Yet, some may choose to upgrade to "custom" coursework when ordering transcript services with us.

What is "Custom Coursework"?

Let's say you need a transcript from an Australian College as a prop for an upcoming film production. You may want one for another reason such as a novelty, restoration or a former document or for some other personal reason. Regardless in an important scene in your film, a conversation may come up about discussing their 3.4 GPA in ar "finance" course at college three months ago. Maybe the camera needs to pan into a transcript and showcase that precise 3.4 score? We understand why a highly detailed novelty transcript would matter so much. For those wanting a personal replacement, specific highlighted classes on the final print would be of importance to them too.

If you choose this option, one of our designers will reach out to you. They will send you a document formatted with the coursework. It will then be your duty to edit the document with whatever specific classes you want featured. You can be as detailed as you wish to be. You can tell us precisely what classes you want, in what order and what grades or final scores you want to showcase for each.

As long as the request follows our regulations and limitations, our staff can accommodate your needs.

The fee for this is $100 on top of any normal transcript fees. If you don't provide specific classes, grades, or are missing details, our staff will use their best judgment. This means we will fill in the blanks with what we feel is best. This done is prevent delays during the production process. If you know what you want on your custom transcript, be as specific as you can.

Should you have any more questions about our coursework and how we use it, we can help. Agents are available via phone at 302-416-4001 or live chat and email. This website is always open but our staff is here M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern. We are here should you need help.