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Did you know that each year almost two million bachelor degrees are awarded? Even if only a small percentage of these diplomas are ever lost or misplaced, it could create a massive bottleneck for schools who need to issue copies quickly. Luckily for some alumni looking to get personal backup copies, print shops like Quick Diplomas offer a valuable service in . That’s because they keep stock actual bachelor degree templates from universities and colleges and realistic academic transcript document options too. Each request is 100% individually crafted by our design team and even backed by the strongest risk-free guarantee of any print shop like ours anywhere online.

What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor degree is typically a 4-year program. Like an associate’s degree, it is an undergraduate degree. It is not a graduate degree like a masters degree. Typical bachelor degree choices including Bachelor Of Arts or Bachelors of Science or Bachelors of Business Administration. In the case of a U.S. education, such a degree requested eight full semesters totaling 120 credit hours. Some fields of study in such a degree such as Engineering and Architecture may take more time and more credit hours to achieve.

Of course, a lot of this depends on where the degree is awarded as standards change country to country. A bachelor degree is handed out globally including USA, Canada, Mexico (where it’s called a licenciado), the United Kingdom, all of Europe, Brazil, Australia and more

The shop at Quick Diplomas stocks bachelor templates from colleges and universities globally. We can simply provide customers with bachelor replacement options from anywhere but the focus of this article will mainly discuss this from a U.S. perspective.

What Jobs can people land with Bachelor’s Degrees?

Some of the highest paid positions with a bachelor’s degree currently are marketing managers, computer information system managers and airline commercial pilots. This list is constantly changing but currently all of these good paying salary positions require a bachelor’s degree.

According to recent studies, those with a bachelors can earn $32,000 a year more than those with a high school diploma. Obviously it is difficult to say these figures are entirely accurate but let’s say you applied for a job offering a base salary of $20,000. That same position trying to appeal to a potential candidate with a bachelor degree, assuming it was desired by the company posting the position, could be listed at $52,000 approximately. Although figures will go up or down depending on the location of the position and other numerous factors but the reality remains that bachelor degree holders do earn more.

What’s Next for a Bachelor Degree Holder?

Like we stated before, a bachelors is a type of undergraduate degree. Upon completion you could apply for positions but may choose to return for a graduate program. This would allow you to earn a graduate degree such as a masters or doctorate phd degree.

Why People Request Replacement Bachelor Degrees Online?

There are numerous reasons why somebody may choose to request a bachelor degree document this . The process of requesting backup copies from a college or university is not always as easy as it seems. A lot of times schools are for-profit and are forced to cease operations when attendance is down.. A lot of times colleges like these will popup offer fast paths to degrees but sometimes due to financial hardships or regulations, they will cease operations. Take a look at the history of Argosy University which shut down just in 2019. They had awarded a large number of bachelor degrees to former Argosy students. Then out of the blue left students in debt. Imagine how impossible it was for former students, even for personal reasons, to get replacement documents from this college. Still even in the case of an open and operating school, replacement diplomas can arrive with large reprint and replacement costs and may be held back due to unpaid tuition fees, making such replacement documents almost achievable.

There are also people who see documents printed by shops like ours as 100% highly realistic novelties! Let’s say you want to fool a friend and play a joke on them about graduating. Obviously if the person did in fact graduate from the school school and knows how a real bachelors degree should look from the particular universities, any novelty less than legitimate looking won’t do. Other times it isn’t uncommon to see movie and tv show productions buy custom bachelor degree and transcript documents for sets as props. Other times former alumni want a second copy to keep their actual bachelors degree in safe keeping.

Again these are just a few reasons but in the end, Quick Diplomas produces high quality bachelor degree diploma and transcript documents that will shock and amazing. We know deep down that is what matters most to our customers. We stock a large number of original diploma templates that were created from replicating bachelor diplomas from various colleges and universities. Everything from the structure of the document to the font type is carefully matched up and then edited with your personal details. With such highly detailed creations, it is extremely important that you understand that no such documents are ever sold to falsify one’s credentials and any such behavior will result in having services denied. Our goal is to provide authentic-like recreations that are used appropriately. It is vital that you respect the power such documents may have and use them accordingly.

How Can I order Replacement Bachelor Degree Documents?

You can try reaching out a school first. If circumstances don’t allow that, please take a look at our product options below. We offer a bachelor's diploma by itself, a transcript of a bachelor’s or both documents sold together at a discount. Our site collects details including the name of the college and university, dates for graduation, student info to be printed and more through the ordering process. All final documents are printed by the print shop and then packaged securely and shipped to you. Typically packages arrive in five business days max with more options at checkout. You can even request a digital cop which can be sent in less than 24 business hours which helps expedite the process.

If a bachelor is not what you are seeking, check out all the degree choices we currently offer.

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