risk-free guaranteed risk-free guaranteed

We work hard stand by our custom printing services. Most shops don't do this sort of thing and for good reason. Yet, if we're unable to provide the type of document you want or you are unhappy with the quality we present, we will try our best to resolve any issues and provide alternatives. If an agreement can't be made, a full refund will be granted.

As a business, we hate losing money. Still what is most important to, is that you are pleased with our services.

 5 Things We Can Promise

  1. You product will arrive in perfect conditions, no bent corners, no ink smudges or smears, etc.
  2. You will receive the details of the order you made. What this means if the school's name will be there, your name, proper dates and a degree listed if applicable.
  3. You will get top notch customer support from a staff that is there for you. This includes live chat, email and phone support at 302-416-4001.
  4. Your document will be spelled correctly. We don't deliberately change specific school names.
  5. The document will arrive with the correct paper color, paper size, seal position and seal type, etc, even if options were chosen at the discretion of the designer.

If you get your package and any of the following is not met, please let us know immediately. We will rush to resolve any matters including sending out replacements of the order. If we are unable to come to an agreement, a refund will be issued. You won't find another print shop like ours offering a more straightforward, honest, and trustworthy guarantee.

3 Things We Can't Promise

  1. We have no way of guaranteeing you that this product will help you achieve a specific result you want to achieve. People have their own needs for products and services such as ours but "intended use" as we suggest they are used, is clearly displayed on this website. Any use beyond that (outside of entertainment use) voids any sort of product warranty and any such actions taken with our products and services are prohibited.
  2. An item that isn't "good enough" or "real enough" is not an excuse. Real diplomas can take weeks to arrive from a school, cost an institute thousands to produce in mass quantities and are not for sale on the 'web. To achieve anything like we offer at our price point is a tall order but that said the quality we present, in our opinion, is remarkable. Please be aware that everything we produce is a "novelty". We are limited due to regulations and resources but the final product is something we are 100% confident you will be proud to own when you get it.
  3. Doesn't match the real diploma seal or diploma format is a 100% duplicate. We are clear about this. We stock many templates and often let our designers choose templates for a request. Because designs of diplomas, certificates, and transcripts may change from time to time, matching every design from every school and every graduating year is very tough. We are 95% confident in the layouts we choose, but if you are pleased with hand-picked design option we have chosen, you can request a different layout match with your assigned designer.

Is There a Guarantee My Order Will Arrive?

At we fully guarantee your order will arrive to your home or work. Obviously, packages can and will get lost. Things happen. We can gladly refund any expedited fees and work out shipping issues with the courier.

I am still worried. Is this safe to buy?

We are trying really hard to earn trust every customer at a time. The journey has had it's up and downs, but don't think for a second that we don't appreciate you giving us a chance. We do not send faulty documents intentionally, and if anything goes wrong we will make it right. Once your package with us is ready to ship, you will be sent tracking details to monitor it's position from our print shop to your doorstep. If we are ever updated on delays with your package, we will inform you of these changes asap. Again. if a package is lost or damaged in transit, we can either rush out a new copy or we can refund the original purchase if need be.