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What is a GED? What is a GED Test?

A General Equivalency Development (GED) or as it's called in Canada, the Canadian General Equivalency Diploma (CGED) is a test given to those no longer enrolled in High School. When they pass by being tested on five key areas, they are then provided a certification stating that the student has United States or Canadian high school-level academic skills or the equivalency of a high school education.

What are the 5 Areas of a GED Test?

  • Language Arts Writing
  • Language Arts Reading
  • Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies

In the future, a job or a college would consider the GED as being equal to that of a high school diploma. This is terrific for people who were forced to drop out of high school or discontinue their education there.

What Score Sheets & GED Test Scores?

Again a GED is a test that consists of 5 key areas. Once the test is wrapped up, scores are handed out. The scores fall between 200 being on the low end and 800 being on the high end. Most students fall somewhere in the middle. A score sheet is a piece of paper that breaks down how good or bad you did on each section of the test. Our custom printed GED score sheet shows important details somebody would find an actual GED score sheet. This includes information on where the GED was taken, details about yourself and a complete breakdown on each part of the test and how well you did or didn't do. Information such as scores can be tweaked and customized to fit your needs. Although most buyers focus on the GED diploma or certificate and put little focus into the importance of a score sheet, both are necessary as often diplomas are handed in with paperwork on the test scores.

Why Do People Want a GED?

Employment Benefits with GED

The reality of people with a GED earn more even in . Fact is, people with a GED can earn more than $10,000 a year over those without one. Having a GED also helps you stand out when applying for jobs and may also make you eligible for advancements not possible without one. Let's say you had a job that paid $30,000 a year. That same job may pay $40,000 a year with a GED assuming these numbers and fugues balance out across the board.

Self-esteem Benefits with GED

It is a lot of work to set your mind to something and accomplish it. Image the number of people who plan on taking a GED test but never get around to it? If you go through with us, you can tell yourself that you have the drive to get things gone. A GED for some is seen as an self-esteem booster because you realize your more capable than you think.

Be a Role Model

As parents, we want to set examples for our kids. We know they look up to us. Maybe one day in the future, our son or daughter may need to leave high school early. They may ponder the decision to get a GED and if you never got yours, they may second guess getting theirs. Being seen as a role model can set an example for your children.

Education Benefits with GED

If you plan to attend a local community college and get a college diploma, you can't do so without a GED diploma. A GED diploma and test score is a requirement.

Why Get a Replacement Novelty GED from Quick Diplomas?

Most people find value in custom documents from us because they are used a personal replacement copies. Getting a backup copy of your GED is easier said than done as most testing centers do not print replacements. Others sometimes consider them as novelties to fool a friend. Sometimes production companies see these documents as unbelievably authentic-looking diploma props for movies and shows. Others see them as esteem boosters to motivate themselves towards the real GED. It is important that you are aware of the intended us and recognize that although highly realistic, the items are not intended to be falsely used to misrepresent one's credentials.

How Do I Get Realistic novelty GED and Test Scores Online and Why Do I Need It Right Now?

We make the process so effortless at Quick Diplomas. Simply choose between our replacement GED diploma, a score sheet or a package of both documents sold at a discounted rate. Upon ordering our will collect some important details including what state or providence the GED is from, your name, dates you want displace, etc. Our staff will make sure the proper layout is used to ensuring the most realistic looking GED is printed to match up your needs. Once the final document is pieced together and approved, it is then printed professionally by our print shop where raised and embossed seals on applied onto high quality diploma and score sheet paper. It is then mailed to you in a package with no mention of our site and delivered into your hands lightning fast!

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Free Proofs & Samples

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