Replacement Doctorate and PhD Degrees

Although there are more undergraduate degree holders, there are roughly 4.5 million doctorate phd degree holders. That figure is also actually up 8.6% since 2000 when analysts were convinced the numbers had spiked. Often when former university alumni are seeking quick and personal certificate replacement alternatives to slowly mailed out diploma and transcript reprints from registrar offices they turn to experienced suppliers like Quick Diplomas. That’s because they stock the latest layouts of actual PhD certificates. Their impressive and ever growing list includes doctorate diplomas from colleges and universities all over the world. They are even now pleased to take on transcript requests. Every single document is 100% made-to-order after assigning a lead designer from the print shop to assist with the research and production steps necessary to create such documents quickly and efficiently. All services are guaranteed to arrive and are backed by the strongest buyer protection of any shop like ours.

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Why People Request Replacement Phd Doctorate Degrees Online?

These days there are a number of people trying to pursue PhD degrees from online educational institutes. In some cases these institutes fail to survive as tuition numbers dwindle and operating costs spiral out of control. Case in point is Argosy which ceased operations in 2019 leaving many former PhD holders in the dark. Those seeking replacements of lost or misplaced doctoral academic documents, even for personal reasons, had nowhere to turn to. Yet even in the case of a university that is still in operation, requests to replace diplomas and academic records can come with massive delays. Reprints can also be held back due to unpaid tuition fees. Fortunately high quality alternatives with online print sites like Quick Diplomas can provide replacements printed fast.

Shops that put a lot of time and focus into researching documents can provide a really high quality print! Consumers seek such services as props or novelties or as personal backups. Let’s consider somebody who wants to trick a friend into thinking they earned a PhD. Obviously if they show the novelty off to somebody with a real doctorate degree from their specific university, they may immediately spot a fake. Other times it isn’t uncommon to see your favorite movies or tv shows use such diplomas as props on set. Other times it’s simply former alumni wanting additional copies or second prints to keep their actual degree in safe keeping.

This is just one of a few reasons why somebody may be visiting our site today and deciding on whether or not they need our services. When the dust settles, what most most shoppers want is a realistic-looking PhD diploma or transcript like those handed out at specific colleges and universities. This is why Quick Diplomas keeps stock of so many PhD documents allowing our team of designers to be aware of proper document structure, seal placement, etc. With such high quality prints, it is important to understand that any services provided are never done to assist in falsifying one’s credentials. Such behavior will result in having our services denied. Our goal is to provide high quality recreations that are used accordingly and legally.

How Can I Order Replacement PhD Degree Documents?

The first step is to always check with a school as that is always the proper course of action. If circumstances do not allow this to happen, you want to consider our options below. We presently offer a PhD diploma by itself, a transcript of a doctorate degree or both documents together discounted. Our site collects school information, degree and major and student details. All requests are 100% custom made by our team of designers, professionally printed and securely packaged up by our Wilmington print shop and then shipped directly to you. Typically requests arrive in five business days max with faster options at checkout. You can even request a same day diploma which is a digital download of your document in less than a 24 business hour period.

If you want a different type of degree, check our full list of degree options that we offer.

If you need any help at all, our staff works M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern. We appreciate you considering us for personal replacements alternatives of your PhD doctorate documents.

Need Help Ordering?

We can provide assistance finding custom doctorate & phd documents this ! Please give us a ring at 302-416-4001! You can also live chat or email us! Our online shop is open 24/7 allowing you to request services at anytime. Our staff is here M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern!

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