QuickDiplomas.com Help & FAQ

What is this store about?

We are a new a twist on a diploma replacement service. Our print shop creates custom printed highly-detailed documents this including alternate high school academic documents, GED academic documents, and college degree replacements.

We guarantee this level of quality because we have collected a large assortment of student-issued records and certificates. These have all been turned into our own templates. While abiding by all restrictions and limitations, these templates allow us to provide authentic-like copies for customers.

Yes, QuickDiplomas.com might be a newer kid on the block, but we put together a winning team of senior graphic designers with years of experience and state-of-the-art print shop and an amazing support staff to assist you.

What are your services for

Many customers turn to QuickDiplomas.com for a wide variety of reasons. These include:

  • Replacing a lost or damaged diploma or certificate for personal reasons.
  • Getting a very close to duplicate copy made to hang in your home or office.
  • Shocking an unexpected family, friend or co-worker for fun.
  • A highly unique and special gift for a fan of a school who has it all.
  • To showoff at your next school reunion.
  • As a prop. Great for movies, tv shows, stage productions and more.
  • A temporary solutions when a real degree is delayed.
  • A restoration of historic documents. Often clients come to us to replace vintage diplomas for family members.

Details on suggested improper use can be found on this page.

How can I pay for services?

We accept major credit cards that are processed through our secured 128-bit encrypted shopping cart.

What will my bank statement show?

The statement will not mention QuickDiplomas.com or the products being purchased. We do this to offer a discreet buying experience at the request of our clients. The actual credit descriptor will be provided once an order is successfully placed as it is computer generated and may change from time to time.

I want a custom diploma from QuickDiplomas.com! How do I order services?

If you are looking to make diplomas for your own school (yes schools come to us at times), get a personal replacement made for yourself or create a novelty item, the steps to requesting services is rather simple.

  1. Choose a service type from our catalog.
  2. Fill out the order form providing complete details regarding names, posted dates, other details, etc.
  3. Place an order request and agree to our terms.
  4. Once order is complete, an order# is provided starting with QD- and our staff begins the production process!
  5. Check your email for order updates, status updates (look below), etc.
  6. Samples are sent if requested.
  7. Final document is packaged up and shipped out.

What does each order status mean?

  • Order Submitted: — We got your order and are starting the next steps asap.
  • Being Made: — We're working on your new diploma or transcript at this moment.
  • Proof: — You requested to see a sample or proof of our work prior to final printing. We have taken the time to do this. We now need you to preview our work, approve it or request changes.
  • Being Packaged: — This means we're all done and putting together any final touches before the document leaves our printing facility.
  • Order Sent: — Your package shipped out! Expect a tracking number soon!
  • Flagged Order: — There was an issue with the order. Details we need may be missing or it could be something else but please reach out to us.
  • Fraud Order: — Your order has been flagged by the processing bank. This is a big problem, please contact us.

What is the Current Status of My Order?

So now you know all the statuses, next you may want to know what your status is? Status updates are sent via email but you can also check your current up-to-the-minute status by tracking your order today. Simply provide your order number and email to see your latest status. The order# should be provided in the original order confirmation email you received.

How long will it take to fulfill my request?

As long as you place a request before our daily cutoff which is 'noon Eastern Monday through Friday it should ship that same business day. Obviously if holidays or special circumstances fall on these days, production may get pushed to the following business day. In most cases we are able to start working on your request right away if the order is submitted on time. This encourages you to place orders even late nights or weekends, to ensure you beat the rush and allow us to get to your request sooner. The following is a general rule of thumb though:

  • You ordered Monday before 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by today.
  • You order Monday after 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by tomorrow (Tuesday)
  • You ordered Tuesday before 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by today.
  • You order Tuesday after 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by tomorrow (Wednesday)
  • You ordered Wednesday before 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by today.
  • You order Wednesday after 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by tomorrow (Thursday)
  • You ordered Thursday before 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by today.
  • You order Thursday after 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by tomorrow (Friday)
  • You ordered Friday before 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by today.
  • You ordered Friday after 'noon Eastern
    • Expect a sample or ship by Monday
  • You ordered anytime Saturday
    • Expect a sample or ship by Monday
  • You ordered anytime Sunday
    • Expect a sample or ship by Monday

How soon can I get my order?

All of our orders ship out using your preferred shipping method of choice. You can choose between ground shipping which can take 5-7 days, 2 day air, 3 day air, etc. There are also options for clients needing packages shipped globally.

See our page about shipping and delivery for more info.

I can’t wait that long! I need a document now!

If you're looking for instant diplomas, QuickDiplomas.com may be able to help. We can send same day digital and downloadable copies of orders via our support ticket system! Compared to a 24 business hour wait (maybe longer) for a physical hard copy, you may be able to get a digital copy sent in much less time. When ordering services online, there is an option in the order form, to opt for this. Currently there is a $50 fee for this rush service which may be less than shipping costs eliminating that added expense.

Are your services guaranteed?

Yes, our team is fully dedicated to putting out a quality product that we stand behind. When you buy with us, you buy knowing we will make what right what is wrong. Enjoy the best guarantee of any shop like ours

What are your services not for?

We are not a school nor do we work on behalf of any schools. QuickDiplomas.com is an online print shop and all of our custom printed documents, although highly realistic, are unofficial. We do not provide official degrees, official titles, or legitimate credentials that are verifiable. Any use of our services beyond an entertainment or personal use, goes against our intended use policy and our restrictions and limitation protocol. Improper use may prevent us from going forward with your request. If you plan to use our services the correct way, we're glad to help. Reach out to us if you need to know more.

Can I cancel my order?

If the item has been shipped and received by you, we don't allow cancellations. It's not that we're trying to be mean about it. This is because this a custom provided service and with samples and proofs sent, there should be no misunderstanding regarding expectations about what is being offered here today. At the same time, we do offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee allowing you to rest assured knowing we will make things right or refund you if that is the best option for both parties. We do offer a very generous 30-day time frame to check over our work when you get it, report any issues, etc.

I still have questions. How can I reach you?

We are available via phone at 302-416-4001, chat, and email. See our contact us page for more details on how to reach us.