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Fast Delivery - Custom Diplomas & Certificates Lightning Fast!

Simply put, we can send digital copies of diplomas and certificates or mail you out a hard physical copy. If you want both, well that's doable too.

Our full digital scans such as our same day digital download diploma are not watermarked copies of the personalized document template but are actual scans of the finished document showcasing the actual paper, entire seal, all the signatures and much more. If you choose this scan option you can skip over paying for delivery services, unless you also want physical copy of the document sent out in addition to the digital version.

As far as delivery options, we offer a variety of shipping methods allowing us to ship packages globally at extremely low shipping rates. When you place an online order and opt for delivery, the website will display our rates on the individual order forms. Depending on where you want your package sent to, choose the best shipping method for you.

Our current shipping rates and fees for this are provided below.

Current Shipping Options & Rates!

For USA customers, we offer the following shipping methods.

  • Ground Shipping - $15
  • 2-Day Air - $35
  • 3-Day Express - $25
  • Next Day Rush - $50

Please note that overnight within the USA is not available to Alaska and Hawaii. Also overnight packages may arrive anytime by the close of the following business day. We can not promise that they will arrive at a particular time in the day.

For customers outside the U.S., we offer the following shipping methods.

  • All of Canada - $50
  • International - Outside Canada & USA - $65

On average, international packages take 3/5 days. Sometimes they can come sooner but a lot depends on customs. Basically regardless of the destination or delays, at the worse case a request made this should come no later than Jan 25. Obviously your shipping method plays a big part in achieving this time frame but overall we provide a pretty darn quick turnaround.

Steps After Choosing Your Shipping Method

So the product order form will again ask you to confirm what shipping method you want. This is how we collect the shipping cost. At checkout, shipping is not charged because again the fee was collected on the product page. Everything is essentially bundled into one simple and flat price. Please be aware that if you opt for an invalid method such as requesting 3-day air for a country not authorized for that method, you will be asked to pay the difference before the package can ship. For instance let's say you live in Australia and paid $25 for 3-day air but that's not enough to cover the normal $65 fee to ship to Australia, we'd ask to collect the $40 difference before we can ship your package from our facilities. We use an honor system to keep our shopping rates so low. We ask that you please pay your fair share. At the same time, agents can try to cut deals and offer discounts depending on our work load and current ship rates we are paying. So, if we can help save you some money, we will. Please reach out to us and ask for some help.

What is the Turnaround? Time from Ordering to Shipping Out?

From the moment an order is submitted with, we will keep you in the loop. As the order is received, being made, being packaged, etc, you are informed every step of the way via emailed updates. Our cutoff to get packages out is at 'noon Eastern Monday thru Friday and as long as an order is placed before that deadline it will likely ship out that same business day. Currently as you read this, it is at our offices.

There are some additional exceptions. On days when our offices are closed, no packages will leave on those days. Those days include:

  • July 4th
  • Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Friday after Thanksgiving / Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • New Years

Days with limited or reduced hours which may also affect shipping include:

  • Thanksgiving Eve
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Years Eve

What this means if your order is received on one of these days, than the package will most likely not leave until the following business day. This is important if a holiday falls on a Friday meaning you may not hear from us until the following Monday when we return to a normal business work day.

How are Items Packaged?

All of our custom documents are shipped in flat packages with reinforced corners to protect the document in transit. This is how most schools would ship a diploma out and a very common practice for delivering fragile documents. Inside the package is a note explaining how you can reach us should you have any questions about our services. The note does not mention by name.

Do You Provide Tracking Numbers?

Yes we do. Once your package is scanned by a delivery driver at our printing facility, a tracking number is applied and sent to you via email. Please note it may take 3/24 hours to register this information allowing you to track the package online.

Help with the Shipping & Delivery Process?

If you need assistance, you can contact us and we'll be glad to help. Reach us by phone at 302-416-4001 or chat live today. Again agents are standing by M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern. Also note, if you currently have an order with us and are curious about it's current status, you can track your order here.