Same Day Diplomas! Instant Digital Downloads!

Many clients come to looking to create personal replacements of high school and college diplomas. These printed diplomas as many of you know are purchased as safe-keeping backup alternatives, high quality novelties or props, etc. In order to achieve such quality, the process of creating a diploma document from design prep to production can be time consuming. This results in, at best, a same day delivery time frame. Fortunately, same day digital downloads are now being offered for clients and it's a service you may find to be beneficial.

Digital downloads vs physical diplomas?

A digital diploma is simple a digital image, scan or downloadable copy of a document such as a diploma or mark sheet. It will look like somebody took an actual physical diploma and made a scan or photocopy of it. The download will showcase many of the important characteristics of the physical document including signature count, seal placement, proper document wording and fonts, paper color and texture, etc. Although this is not a physical document that can be held, many request for diploma copies can be met with a solid document download service such as this one.

What formats are digital diploma downloads sent in?

All documents are sent in pdf format. In some cases a jpg format can be sent if requested. In order to keep the download sharp with a high resolution, we prefer pdf format.

How are same day diploma sent?

They are sent through our ticket system which allows for one-one-one communication with one of our designers and the client. We will send a copy and if you have questions or concerns, you can address them directly with the designer themselves.

How can I request a digital download this ?

When ordering services through our shopping cart, there is an option to have a physical document shipped, a digital copy sent or both. Just choose the option that best suits your needs.

How much are same day diplomas?

There is a one time fee of $50 for our same day digital service which may or may not be cheaper than shipping depending on your destination.

What is your daily cutoff for digital requests?

We stop taking requests at 5PM Eastern Monday thru Friday. This is because after this time, our designers have gone home for the day. If you are just passed out cutoff, please reach out to us to see if an exception can be made.