Replacement High School Diplomas and Transcripts

If replacement high school diplomas with actual state seals and real layouts impress you, you’ll want to check our shop out! Our staff designs 100% custom-made high school diplomas and certificates along with transcripts printed on the same type of security paper spotted at lots of schools!
  1. High School Transcript
    was USD $125.00 Special Price USD $100.00

Why Want One

A lot of times people purchase custom documents such as these from us because they are seen as personal replacements. Getting a backup copy of your diploma from your local area high school seems more simple than it is. More often than not schools do not print replacement copies. This means the diploma given at the time of gradation is the only diploma you will ever have. For this reason people choose to get backup alternatives through us or other print shops. Imagine losing your diploma, having nowhere to turn, and then realizing a site like ours can make a huge difference!

This isn’t to say that personal replacements are the only reason why people replace these diplomas. Some reasons include:

  • To pull a prank on a friend by pretending to graduate. If the person graduated themselves from the same school and knows how a real diploma should look, a less than authentic replacement diploma from a less knowledgeable print shop just won’t do the trick.
  • Other times stage companies may use our documents as production and film props.
  • Sometimes people struggling in high school buy these as esteem boosters to encourage themselves towards completing their actual high school education.

It is important that regardless of how you use our highly realistic documents, that you recognize that such services we provide are not intended to misrepresent or falsify anybody’s credentials. This is a very important aspect of our business and requires us to turn down certain clients who intend on misusing our services.

How to Get Yours

We really have gone out of our way to make the buying process easy here at Quick Diplomas. Simply choose between our high school diploma match above for $100, a transcript, or a package combining both at a savings of $85! Upon ordering we will collect some important details including school information, student details you want showcased, important dates, and more. If you are unsure of what details to provide, a staff member can try and guide you in the right direction.

Once the order is submitted, our design team will make sure the proper high school layout is picked from our database ensuring the most realistic looking hs document is printed and fulfills your needs. Once everything is finalized and approved to be sent out, documents are printed professionally by our print shop. This is where raised and embossed seals may be applied onto the diploma and/or transcript paper. The document is then securely packaged up for transit with no mention of this site on the shipping label. It is then delivered fast into your hands arriving before you know it!

If you need assistance placing an order or have questions for us, please give us a call at 302-416-4001 or chat live and message us. Agents are standing by M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern. We do take a break on weekends, weekday nights and major US holidays. Besides that we are here. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check us out.