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With thousands of colleges and universities and so many layouts in existence, finding an experienced print shop with the capabilities to match up actual college diploma layouts including both graduate and undergraduate layouts is rare. Luckily for you the staff at Quick Diplomas designs 100% custom-made college and university diplomas and certificates. This also includes academic transcripts printed on the same type of papers found at lots of your favorite further education schools all over the world!

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Getting high quality replacement college diplomas in your hands quickly is what makes us a great choice. Sometimes people lose their diploma and need a personal backup replacement copy. Sometimes people want to fool a friend into believing they graduated. No matter what brings you here this , if what you care about most is landing a high quality document match and want to be assured you have found the best supplier of personal replacement diplomas, we’re the place to be. That’s because we stock a massive number of authentic college diploma templates from Canada, all USA states, Australia, UK United Kingdom, Norway, and more. In fact our international college page here is a great way to find documents for areas you don't see individual listings for. All of this ensures customers like you, this , the most authentic college and university documents anywhere.

What is a College Diploma? How About a University Diploma? What About College Transcripts?

A college diploma is a certificate awarded after achieving a college education. Typically you would have an undergraduate degree such as an associates degree or bachelor's degree. Then there are well known graduate degrees such as a doctorate phd degree or a master's degree. Obviously this changes country to country as the terminology may differ. In most cases a bachelor is a four year degree and associates, masters and doctorate are three years. Although in Canada, in some cases, a bachelor's degree can be three years. Yet there is no worry to overthink any of this as the staff at Quick Diplomas knows what you need based upon what you are looking for and will take care of it all.

Most diplomas are presented from the college and university themselves and not independent boards. This again is not always the case with other diplomas like ged diplomas and high school diplomas. A college diploma more often than not, features the name of the university or school, the student name and the date of graduation ceremony which is typically held in the Spring or Fall. The signature titles on all diplomas will also often change as some schools have Chancellors and Department Directors and others may use different signed titles of officials.

What are College Transcripts?

A college degree is earned once a select number of credits are achieved. Although these requirements may change degree to degree, specific requirements may include passing specific courses and taking certain electives. Each area is worth so many credits and once enough credits are earned overall a college degree is awarded

A college transcript includes details on what classes were taken during your time at the university and how good or poor you did in each area. It provides a total breakdown of your college or university school education. Although most people visiting our site today may only focus on the importance of a college diploma and spend little mindfulness on transcripts from universities and colleges, both documents are very necessary as often diplomas from these schools are presented side-by-side with academic transcript paperwork records.

Why Do People Want a College Diploma?

Employment Benefits with College University Diploma

Even in the fact remains that most people earn more with a college degree. People approximately make $22,000 more than those with a high school diploma. This makes a job candidate with a college degree more desirable to employers looking to hire and fills the needs of their business. Simply put, let’s say you applied for a position that was offering a starting salary of $30,000 a year. That same position may be offered at a starting rate of $42,000 a year assuming that salary estimates in our findings are accurate and estimates don’t change.

Self-esteem Benefits with College University Diploma

Just looking at the number of high school dropouts yearly, you realize how difficult it is for many to stay in school. The same can be said for college students. In fact, 57% of college students never complete their four-year degree. Imagine being somebody who continued to attend college all four years and got their undergraduate degree? That takes a lot of dedication on your part as a focused student. If you were able to set a goal of graduating and got that done, that accomplishment says a lot about your ability to finish what you start and achieve your goals. Many see college diplomas as an esteem booster proving to themselves that hard work does actually pay off.

Be a Role Model

The reality is people do look up to you. We have family such as our kids who may one day be struggling with college or contemplating dropping out and leaving school themselves. If you attended college but dropped out, they may choose to go down your same path. Not having a college diploma may put you in an awkward position when trying to give sound advice. Having a college diploma may make you better seen as a role model to such intriguing minds and better shape their own decisions in life regarding the importance of education.

Education Benefits with College University Diploma

In order to further your education at a graduate school, to earn a doctorate or masters degree, you would need to complete a bachelors. This is why an undergraduate degree provides further educational benefits.

Why Get a Replacement Novelty College Diploma from Quick Diplomas?

A lot of times people purchase these high quality custom documents from us because they need personal replacements. Getting a backup copy of your college diploma from your school seems like an easy process on paper. More often than not some colleges can take weeks to replace a graduate certificate, charge healthy replacement fees and may withhold a replacement if tuition dues are left unpaid. For many in this rocky boat, a personal replacement from a print shop like ours is a valuable resource. Many former alumni choose to get backup copy alternatives through us or replace irreplaceable old and vintage diplomas when they request our services. Imagine losing your diploma from a college, hitting a brick wall when needing help, and then realizing a site like ours can provide a beneficial service.

This isn’t to say that personal replacements are the only reason why people replace college diplomas. Sometimes people want to pull the ultimate April Fool's joke by pretending to have graduated themselves. If your showing this document to somebody who actually did graduate from the same school you say you attended, they may know immediately that the diploma is not legitimate and could more easily spot a fake. In this case, a less than authentic-looking diploma may not be good enough. Other times movies and tv shows will buy diplomas from us to be used as production props for scenes. Think of a movie about a college and a big graduate scene coming up. Those diplomas could have been from a site like ours. Sometimes people struggling in college may also buy these as esteem boosters to encourage them towards getting their real degree. It is important that no matter why you want highly realistic documents from us, that you recognize that such documents are not intended to misrepresent or falsify one’s credentials. This is a very important aspect of our business and requires us to turn down certain clients who intend to misuse our services. No where on our site is such misuse suggested or encouraged.

How to Get Realistic College Diplomas Online Right Now?

Quick Diplomas has made every effort to put together a simple website allowing for easy purchases. Just pick between our college or university diploma below, a transcript custom made, or a package combining both for big savings! Upon ordering our site collects important details including what college or university you are looking for, your name as you want it printed, dates for graduation, etc. If you are unsure of what you want on any part of the form, a staff member can try and assist you during normal support hours.

Once the order is sent in, our design team begins the process of finding the most appropriate college document layouts picked from our database ensuring a realistic looking university document provided on time and one that fulfills your needs. Once everything is finalized and approved to be sent out, documents are printed professionally by our USA print shop. This is when any raised and embossed seals or crests may be applied onto the final diploma and transcript document. The order is then securely packaged up for transit with no mention of our site on the shipping label. It is then delivered quickly to your location arriving before you know it!

If you need to talk to somebody or if we can be of any help at all, please give us a call at 302-416-4001 or chat live and message us. Agents are here to help you M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern. We do take a off on weekends, weekday nights and major US holidays. Besides that we are always here. Thank you for taking the time to read this page and we hope we can do business together soon.