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Are you looking for a personal replacement of a high school or college transcript? Quick Diplomas offers custom made academic records and more. From mark sheets to score sheets, let us assist you. Each document features coursework for any number of fields. Each order is 100% personalized with student details and unique scores.

These authentic-like transcripts make great personal copies or backup records. Others may find value as props or novelties.

Check out some of our replacement transcripts below this !

  1. GED Transcript Test Scores
    was $95.00 Special Price $75.00
  2. High School Transcript
    was $125.00 Special Price $100.00
  3. College University Transcript, USA
    was $200.00 Special Price $175.00
  4. Replacement Associate Transcript
    was $200.00 Special Price $175.00
  5. Replacement Bachelor Transcript
    was $200.00 Special Price $175.00
  6. Replacement Doctorate Transcript
    was $200.00 Special Price $175.00
  7. College University Transcript, Canada
    was $225.00 Special Price $200.00
  8. College University Transcript, United Kingdom
    was $225.00 Special Price $200.00
  9. College University Transcript, Australia
    was $225.00 Special Price $200.00
  10. College University Transcript, International
    was $225.00 Special Price $200.00

Is Quick Diplomas the #1 way to replace transcripts?

First off, we always suggest reaching out to your old school. In most cases a schools' registrar office can issue copies of academic records. They can mail them directly to you, another school, or employer. So why consider our print shop as an alternative? In some cases schools are closed or no longer operating. In most cases the local education department may be able to help. This isn't always the case though. Sometimes still alumni come across additional additional hurdles getting records replaced. In other cases, former students simply want a personal copy made as backup for safe keeping. They find the thought of same day replacements with us as being convenient and hassle free.

So, your transcripts are not "official"?

No. Only what comes direct from a school is official. Quick Diplomas is not a school. What we offer is a personal replacement or backup copy alternative. Some may also choose to use such documents are props for films or novelties to joke with friends. The documents we make do look real very real. But trying to pass off any document provided by us as an official documents goes beyond our terms of proper use. Basically you shouldn't expect any value beyond that of entertainment value. That doesn't mean that we don't put a lot of time and energy into creating an authentic-like transcript. We do.

What kind of transcripts do you replace?

We replace academic records from high schools, GED testing centers and colleges. Our high school and GED options include Canada and USA documents. When it comes to colleges, pretty much records from anywhere in the world can be made. We try to stick to English-speaking institutes.

What classes or courses will my document feature?

Our transcripts feature a collection of coursework we have compiled. We collect coursework for different degrees. This list may include a standard four year high school degree. it may also include a Bachelor of Arts degree. We understand that curriculum changes and new classes are required. This is why we are always updating our list. Even in we are refreshing our list.

If you have a specific list of classes you want showcased, we may be able to provide custom transcript. This is very specific list as you want the list laid out. It is possible but may create delays so reach out to our staff first concerning availability.

What information do I need to request replacements?

Our order forms will collect very simple details. Different information may be requested depending on the document. For instance a score sheet from a testing center and mark sheets from an Australia university may need different info. We try to cut down on the number of questions we ask. We do this to simplify the ordering process. Most basic questions may include:

  • The name of the school. Obviously we need to confirm what high school or college this is for.
  • your name as you want it printed.
  • Dates for passing or completion.
  • Score or Grade Average Requests (we can do low to high markings)

That's pretty much it. The staff will then use these details the begin the production process. All documents are printed, packaged and delivered fast.

What kind of paper do you print your custom transcripts with?

All transcripts we produced are printed with security paper. This is special academic paper common to that used by registrar offers. The paper is watermarked with security features. It is very special paper that features unique characteristics. It's pretty amazing to see in person.

Are any other effects applied to transcripts?

We offer embossing. Also all documents are hand signed. Transcript keys will explain the grading process can also be featured.

How soon can I get a replacement copy made?

This is benefit with us. Instead of waiting weeks or months, we can get our documents in your hand quickly! If an order is placed weekdays, it can arrive in less than 24 hours. This ensures smooth and fast delivery. Looking for prints even sooner? Ask about having us send electronic copies the same day! These are PDF documents that can be saved, emailed, etc.

How to replace my high school and college transcripts today?

Access more details about our shop and a full list of services below. Our staff is here M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern. They can be reached by live chat or email. You can also call us at 302-416-4001. We thank you again for taking the time to stop by and we hope we can help.

We also offer diplomas. You can actually get both documents together as combo packages. Save 20% or more by combining.

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Unlike sites that charge you to proof their work before it ships, we never do. Our team of in-house designers will send a mock-up of their work to look over, request changes and adjustments, etc. We do this to ensure each order we send out is printed to perfection.