Sample and Proofs with Quick Diplomas

We understand that customers are curious how their custom documents with Quick Diplomas will turn out. That is why we offer their ability for shoppers to request a proof of our work. This gives you the opportunity to check everything over before the final document ships. Often customers will have questions about this process and this page helps to answer those concerns.

Steps to Getting a Proof

When you place an order at, you're given the option to get a sample/proof. Let's say for instance you want a replacement bachelor's degree and opt for a bachelor diploma certificate. In that order form you can request a sample. The order form will simply ask, "Get Proof/Sample of our work?". If you say YES, the request will be applied to your order this .

When Will My Proof Arrive

Our print shop operates M-F 9AM-5PM Eastern. We are off weekday nights, weekends and major USA holidays. Requests for samples need to be submitted before 2PM Eastern of the current business day. This gives us enough to work on your order. Requests made after this cutoff, will be handled when we return.

How Detailed Are They

Our proofs provide a layout of the document's format and all wording. As made clear, it is a preview. For instance, you will see every letter of the document and even font types used. This allows you to check for problems with words and even dates. You also have the option to get a FULL SCAN of the document. A FULL SCAN vs Proof/Sample, shows the entire document including paper type and all seals. It is a full high resolution scan of the final order. FULL SCANS are also called same day digital download copies. These copies can be sent by themselves or with a physical hard copy of the document.

Can I Request One Before I Buy?

All sales are subject to our terms. The terms state that you are aware of the intended use of the item we are producing. It also states that you understand all the disclaimers associated with our shop. Once an order is fully placed, it allows us to be more transparent, share samples of our work, etc. Prior to that there is a liability risk that any resources provided could be used improperly.

What if I Hate it?

It happens. In most cases the designer will try to work with you. We will offer up solutions and make revisions to the sample. If we are unable to provide a sample that meets you expectations, we will simply cancel your order and put back any authorization payments that were made. All of this is because we offer the most honest and direct money back guarantee.