QuickDiplomas Limitations

QuickDiplomas.com and its entire staff take improper use of their services very seriously. If used incorrectly or if incorrect use is suggested, we do have the right to cancel your order. Every item we sell is sold as personal replacements, restrictions and backups for personal purposes, and as novelty props for productions. People find these are personal replacements for diplomas at closed or defunct schools or temporary paperwork as you await a real degree from the school. These are not sold as false titles or credentials, and they hold no true educational value. Nothing we make is on permanent record with a school and no value lies beyond a personal entertainment value.

We Are Not a Degree or Diploma Mill

Often times a mill will sell "life experience degrees". They claim that by buying an item from their site, you are earning a degree from their made-up institute. That is a mill. QuickDiplomas.com is not a mill. We never claim that a document provided by our site holds any educational value. Any certifications or titles sold are strictly provided as a form of entertainment. Every item we produce is sold as a novelty, prop for a production set, a personal replacement or backup copy for former students, or as a restoration piece for an irreplaceable document. Under no circumstances should any service provided by QuickDiplomas.com be used to falsely represent one's self. No actual degree or certificate has been earned upon purchase of any of our services.

Types of Degrees QuickDiplomas.com Does Not Print!

Regardless of whether a service is being provided as a novelty and/or personal replacement, we choose not to produce documents related to MD, DDS, LLB, or JD degrees. We also do not do anything associated with "nursing" or "law" or "medical". We will not produce any document that suggests somebody, as a joke or not, can subscribe medicine or provide medical procedures. We will not produce any document, of any kind, if the buyer suggests inappropriate use of such document.

Additional Degree & Majors are Banned

  • CPA or related fields
  • Government & military certifications
  • Nothing noting "licensed" or "certified" or "certification awarded".

If we believe our products will be used inappropriately or in a manner that may threaten or harm others, we can and will deny service.

Schools We Do Not Print:

No institutes are listed at this time. If you want us to consider your institute please email us from an official school email such as @school.edu. We can add your institute to our restricted list. Please be sure to learn more about our business, intended customer base, what is actually being provided, etc before you assume you understand the nature of what we do.

Even in the cases of schools we do no print, no school's actual address is shown as the recipient. Any transcripts are marked "Issued to Student" similar to how a school may provide them but none are shown as being sent by a school or on a school's behalf. Not to mention all transcripts, unless we have consent, use our own layouts and formats separate from any official layout.

Areas We Do Not Provided Services To:

  • Nigeria
  • India
  • Iran
  • Ghana
  • Morocco
  • Yemen
  • Kenya
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Columbia

No Verification Services

We do not verify anything we sell. Be careful of sites claiming they will verify diplomas. Read the fine print and be safe. We sell replacement and/or novelty (one may call "novelty" by a different name such as "fake" or "phony" or "realistic") diplomas, transcripts and certificates from high schools, colleges and universities. We do not claim to work on behalf of any schools or represent them. We will not vouch for the authenticity of anything we produce claiming it is "official" and be willing to verify it. Proper use is ultimately up the consumer but actual records will reveal the truth. The truth is the value of services produced by QuickDiplomas.com does not go beyond that of an entertainment value.

No Forgery

We do not forge the names and signatures of actual school officials. Any names and signatures used are created through the imagination of the design team and any resemblance to actual school officials or governing bodies, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If this is not sufficient, as an option, clients can request that signatures lines can be left blank.

Copyright Violations

We do not reproduce seals or logos that are protected under copyright laws without consent. Any materials used are altered slightly to protect against such violations, if necessary, to prevent any copyright infringement.

More Questions About Legality, Limitations, Restrictions, etc?

Our staff will try to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is make an item that both meets the high quality our client's demand while obeying rules and regulations. It is an often difficult task to achieve but in the end many clients are happy with their decision to choose QuickDiplomas.com over others. We are sure you will be amazed with the final product you receive and will understand why we proudly stand behind our work with an unmatched guarantee.