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Did you know that masters degrees make up roughly 70% of all graduate degrees? When you consider the sheer number of diplomas from these degrees, getting lost or misplaced, you can see the value in document replacement services. This is where an advanced document print shop such as Quick Diplomas comes in. They offer a valuable service for those looking for replacement diplomas and transcripts in . That’s because their design team keeps locked records of master degree templates from colleges and universities globally. This includes precise accurate templates of degree and transcript documents. Everything single request that is made is 100% handcrafted by our designs and each order is backed by our unmatched guarantee that is the strongest of any shop like ours.

What is a Master’s Degree?

Unlike an associate’s degree, which is an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree like a doctorate or phd degree is a graduate degree. These are post-secondary credentials that typically require 2–3 years of graduate-level studies. Some of the most common types of these degrees are Master of Arts (MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Law (LL.M). The fields of studies will often change from country to country as specific degree types are more common specific areas of the world. For the purpose of this piece, we will keep the focus on the states and how master degrees operate here. It is important to recognize that Quick Diplomas understands the inner workings of such degrees in different areas.

Most master’s programs require 30-60 credits in order to achieve such a degree. Again these expectations will change from to area to area but it isn’t uncommon to see such degrees in places like Canada, the USA, Australia and more

The design staff at Quick Diplomas keeps detailed templates of master degrees from colleges and universities all over the world. These templates provide important details such as information on the student and the institute, dates for passing and characteristics such a signature count and proper seal placement. Keep precise and detailed templates is what gives a well knowledge print shop an edge over fly-by-night options buyers typically find when searching for services.

Top Jobs with a Masters’ Degree?

Often people who are studying a particular major with their undergraduate degree will return for a graduate degree in the same field to stand out when applying for particular job openings. Case in point, one of the most popular degrees is in business administration and a MBA or masters in business administration is a popular degree and a position many job openings are demanding even this .

Other positions in demand, requiring master’s degrees, are Physician Assistants and Occupational Therapist. As obviously as certain fields become saturated and help is not in dire need, the demand for these operations will slowly spiral downward. At the time of this report, these were graduate degrees presently in high demand.

Although numerous studies show that master degree holders can earn more money, the fact is, annual salary figures change greatly from position to position. Still putting that aside, let’s take into consideration that a general manager of a business has an MBA. If he or she was to apply for that same job opening only holding an undergraduate degree, their average salary would be $80,000. Applying for that same position with the masters in their hand, jobs are willing to increase that starting salary to a whopping $98,000. This means that there is an almost 18% pay increase from an undergraduate to a MBA graduate degree which should not be overlooked. Obviously you’d have to balance out the long term cost of getting a graduate degree compared to the potential salary increase over an extended period of time to determine whether a further education in this field is a financially responsible decision.

Why Buyers in Request Replacement Master Degrees Online?

There are numerous reasons why somebody might choose to get a replacement for their college diploma online. The process of requesting replacements, even for master’s degrees, with some colleges or universities can be a stressful process. Consider a college that is for-profit, financially struggling, and then ceases operation leaving all their alumni in the dark. This happened with the Education Corporation of America when it closed all campuses and left almost 20,000 students with degrees they couldn’t use. Some of the colleges they operated such as Virginia College issued master degrees. Many of these past students seeking replacements of damaged or misplaced documents unfortunately are only greeted with few answers and zero solutions. Yet even in the case of a graduate school that is still operating to this day, replacement requests can arrive with long delays; some requests for reprints are held back due to costly tuition fees that are unpaid. When considering all the hurdles alumni may have to jump through, getting document copies at times (even for personal reasons) feel almost unachievable. Fortunately high quality replacement alternatives with online print sites like Quick Diplomas that are printed fast can be a total game changer.

There are also people who see documents printed by shops like ours as 100% highly realistic novelties! Let’s say you want to fool a friend and play a joke on them about graduating. Obviously if the person did in fact graduate from the school school and knows how a real degree should look from the particular universities, any novelty less than legitimate looking won’t do. Other times it isn’t uncommon to see movie and tv show productions buy custom degree and transcript documents for sets as props. Other times former alumni want a second copy to keep their actual degree in safe keeping.

This is just one reason why somebody might want services from a site like ours. Others may want one to purchase a novelty document trying to fool a friend into thinking they earned a graduate. Other times production companies may choose to purchase these documents as props for shows and film work. At the end of the day, regardless of why you may choose to invest in such services, the fact is quality matters most to consumers. They want a document that captures the look and feel of actual master degrees handed out at colleges and universities. For this reason Quick Diplomas stocks a massive number of original academic document templates that were replicated from master diplomas from top graduate programs at schools. Everything from the structure of the diploma to it’s font type is precisely matched up and then edited with your unique details. With such extremely realistic recreations, it is important to recognize that any services provided are not done so to assist in the falsifying of one’s credentials. Such behavior will result in having services denied. Our goal is to provide high quality diploma and transcript recreations that are used accordingly.

How Can I Order Replacement Master Degree Documents?

Like always, we would suggest reaching out to your college for help. If circumstances prevent this from happening, please consider our options below. We presently offer a master's diploma, a transcript of a master’s or both documents together at a discount for combining. Our site collects information on you for student details, details about the college, dates for graduation and more through the online order process. All final documents are crafted by our team of designers in Wilmington, printed and packaged at our print shop and then shipped directly to you. Typically packages arrive in five business days max with quicker options at checkout. You can even request a same day diploma download copy which may arrive in 24 business hours or less offering a more expedited process.

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