About Quick Diplomas

The Mission of QuickDiplomas.com

We have a simple mission here at Quick Diplomas. It's to help customers personally replacement lost or damaged diplomas from high schools and colleges. But more than that, it's to replacement them quickly and efficiently.

If you're familiar with our website, you know that we emphasis the word "quickly" a lot. It's because, for us, getting high quality prints out of our shop fast is our top focus. We are able to achieve this because we understand all of the elements that make diplomas, certificates, and transcripts special. From unique layouts, fonts, structures, formats and more, we truly understand diplomas in and out allowing us to create a shop that hits all the marks.

Where here to walk you through the process of requesting services at QuickDiplomas.com. Although most consumers come to us knowing exactly what they need, whether it's a high school diploma replacement or a GED replacement certificate. What you will find here is a staff committed to pushing you in the right direction and pushing out some of the highest quality prints in our industry.

What sets Quick Diplomas apart?

Better Prints Quickly

When it comes to your request of a diploma or transcript, we stock a massive collection of real templates. These templates capture the heart and soul of real documents. They are what allow us to beautifully recreate stunning replacements of your favorite documents.

A Team of Experts

We assign unique designers to each and every request. The designer has access to our resources and a direct connection to the print shop. Talk to your designer about any issues you have, see a mock-up of their work, and approve of all it to be shipped out when you're ready to get us your approval.

Fast Turnaround

With the exception of custom requests and delays on approving any custom work, we ship all requests the same day. Enjoy fast delivery anywhere in the world at the lowest rates possible. If you can't spare a day, you can request same day digital copies of your favorite documents.

Risk-Free Promises

You hear us correctly, Quick Diplomas offers a 100% risk-free money back guarantee on all of our work. There's no reason to stress or become worried if things don't work out perfectly. Our staff will issue replacements or refund everything is needed. Say no to scams sites that say all sales are final and take a chance with us.