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Imagine a situation like this – you are directing a play or skit in college. In one scene, a character visits the office of a lawyer to discuss a potential claim. Everyone from the lead actors to the supporting cast is doing a fabulous job, yet there’s something missing from the frame.

When you look closer, you'll see that the walls in the Lawyer’s office are somewhat bare and that certainly is the missing piece from the entire scene. Now, as you can’t create a Diploma or Degree overnight for the scene, realistic Diploma props for film and stage performances are there to help you.

What Are Diploma Props?

Diploma Props are no different from general props used by various actors and artists on stage. The only difference here will be that the details and appearance of the Diploma prop will be too realistic. This is why we call them realistic diploma props most of the time.

You may have witnessed such diploma props during scenes that involved a professional like lawyer, doctor, dentist or someone similar. Filmmakers even employ diplomas and other personal documents in a play to portray the offices of professionals.

A character or event in the story's plot is conveyed through the use of realistic diploma props, which are used to make a scene appear more realistic. For the audience, it helps the scene in a play or a movie look more authentic and genuine.

For Many Years Directors Have Used Realistic Diploma Props in their Movies!

black graduation cap with tassel on top of diploma black graduation cap with tassel on top of diploma

Since the advent of characters that possess a certain professional education or specialization, Hollywood has used realistic diploma props to great effect. This is a relic from a time before color television was introduced.

A classic cigarette commercial in black-and-white is a good illustration of this. The commercial's message was that cigarettes are actually good for you, which was a little strange. To make it appear more legitimate, they used fake doctors with realistic diploma props.

What are the Uses and Benefits of Realistic Diploma Props?

Most people think that realistic diploma props are utilized for either decoration or to enhance the story or plot of a stage play or a movie. Aside from these two applications, however, realistic diploma props have a plethora of other purposes as well. Here are a few examples:

Shots from the Office of a Medical Practitioner or a Lawyer

Doctor and lawyer offices appear in numerous films. As a result, directors in these situations must depict the characters as they truly are. The best method to demonstrate this is to point to diplomas that are displayed prominently in their offices.

It's here when realistic diploma props come in handy. Using them lends a realism and naturalness to a situation. Usually, a lot of diploma props are hung on the character's back wall by filmmakers to give a realistic touch to the scene.

Close-ups with Realistic Diploma Props

The play's plot frequently necessitates the detailed examination of a diploma prop. The importance of a realistic diploma prop in a film or play becomes significantly greater in this situation. In addition, it's critical to show all the details of a character so that the plot of the play or film makes sense.

In today's digital era, viewers pay attention to even the smallest details, thus filmmakers are required to use a diploma prop that contains accurate information. Along with helping filmmakers to develop a positive reputation in the film industry, it also helps audiences form a pleasant impression.

Realistic Diploma Props Infuse Life in The Scenes

As mentioned earlier, while taking the example of a lawyer’s office, the director may require these props to make things appear realistic. As a lawyer requires a significant amount of education, it makes sense for them to put their qualifications on display in their workplace. In movies, they aren't frequently given a lot of attention.

Even if they're just in the background, they help us maintain our ability to believe what we're seeing. The figure may appear to be a lawyer based on their demeanor, but the diploma helps to substantiate this.

An example of this might be a scene in which a character is celebrating his or her graduation from high school. Even if it's only a rolled-up piece of paper, they need realistic diploma props to accept it.

How Realistic Do They Seem to You?

The level of realism of realistic diploma props depends on the film's requirements. Some movies get away with utilizing the conventional rolled-up piece of paper wrapped with a ribbon gimmick for a graduating student.

As long as the movie is using it as a backdrop component, the quality isn't as important. Even if the diploma is zoomed in on, it must appear authentic. Everything from the signatures to the seals is clearly visible in the close-ups. It's possible to get away with a less detailed version of this for a school performance.

Realistic Diploma Props: How and From Where to Get One?

diploma with decorative gold border diploma with decorative gold border

In most cases, you don't have the expertise or resources necessary to make professional-quality props. So you may want to buy one online and have it shipped directly to your door.

We at Quick Diplomas also provide such a service, where you can order realistic diploma props that will pass the professionalism test for your class project. To ensure that your purchase arrives in time for the big show, you should order it in advance.

Besides, even if you are purchasing from another vendor, it is really necessary to authenticate the reputation and expertise of the service provided in this case.

There are a lot of service providers in this field. Yet, not every one of those vendors would be able to serve you according to your requirements. So, making an informed choice is critical in this case.


Adding a realistic diploma prop to a stage play or a movie scene can help make it feel more authentic. Besides, trusted vendors that provide these diploma props take care of ensuring that every detail is included.

As you pursue any such service, make sure your diploma is printed on high-quality paper and features accurate stamps and symbols to make it look more authentic.