The Big Question: “How Do I Get My Original Certificate If I Lost It’?

Have you lost your high school diploma recently and couldn’t find it even with the best of your efforts? Well, you have come to the right place then. There are thousands and millions of students out there that are confronting ‘How do I get my original certificate if I lost it’ kind of thoughts right now.

So, if you come over as one from the bunch, you only need to sit back, relax and read this blog till the end. A high school degree or diploma comes as one of our best life achievements. Yet, we only realize their relevance in our lives while applying for a job or promotion.

In other cases, most of the professionals love to display their degrees and diplomas in their offices. Yet, as they lose or misplace those degrees, they step into that panic mode with random ‘ ohh, I Lost my original documents’ or ‘How to get lost certificates from school’ kind of questions in their minds.

You first need to understand the fact that losing a high school degree isn’t the end of world for you. You can always file an application for lost certificates with the school or relevant authority while seeking a replacement. Although the process may go time consuming and cumbersome, it is worth the effort.

Getting That High School Diploma Replacement From School

“How do I get my original certificate if I lost it” is a question that scares most of the students in case they have lost or misplaced their diplomas. If you have graduated from a college or a university, losing or misplacing the high school diploma may not come as a big pain. But, for some, high school comes as their only academic accomplishment. In such cases, you have to confront the biggest question - How to get lost certificates from school?

The pandemic situation has led to the closure of thousands of schools and colleges in USA. Yet, as the vaccination drive is on in the entire country, life is coming back to normalcy, slowly and steadily. That said, you may have to come across a long and tedious procedure to file that application for lost certificate.

If you have the contact details of your high school, contact them. And ask for the required procedure for the replacement diploma. While doing that, you must contact the person in-charge instead of the main office in school to save some time and effort.

Yet, before that, you have to show up the required documents like FIR copy for lost certificate or documents, your Social security number and so on. So, if you haven’t filed an FIR in the same regard, you must do it before any further delay.

How to File FIR for Lost Certificate?

Filing an FIR in case you have lost a degree or diploma is quite easy. You can either make the application online or simply walk into any nearby police station in the USA.

While forwarding the application for lost certificate, you also need to attach some details like your personal ID , Social security number and so on. You can download the copy of the FIR. Also keep a print-out handy for further application to the school or college.

This way, you can get a better solution for all your doubts related to 'How do I get my original certificate if I lost it'. Besides, you can now proceed to the rest of the steps. Meanwhile, keep asking for a replacement degree from your school or college.

blank screen laptop with graduate cap and graduate diploma next to it blank screen laptop with graduate cap and graduate diploma next to it

1. Getting in Touch With the Registrar's Office

Regardless of whether it is a lost diploma or degree, you got to contact the local registrar's office at the college or university you attended. This registrar is the entity that keeps the record of all such relevant documents and transcripts.

The details at the registrar get updated every year with the admission of thousands of students. So, you must keep patience without getting into that 'How do I get my original certificate if I lost it' mode.

All you need to do is submit a replacement request. You will then be guided to the relevant team or department.

2. Submitting a Replacement Request

Most colleges or universities in USA entertain only written application for lost certificate. Apart from this, you are also required to submit some more documents. These include the copy of your driver's license, birth certificate, passport and other relevant documents.

The college or university will most likely ship the replacement degree or diploma to you. So, you got to cover the charge for the same. Moreover, you also need to pay a replacement diploma fees that vary from college-to-college.

Hence, it’s always suggested to check out the fee and charges associated with the replacement degree or diploma beforehand.

While filing for the replacement degree, you must also remember that none other than you can send in this request. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) , that got passed in 1974, safeguards the privacy factor of all the students records in USA.

Under this act, neither the family members, nor the spouses or close friends will be made available with your personal details. Yet, there are certain exceptions to this ruling.

3. The College or University Only Accepts Mailed Requests

Most of the Schools, colleges and universities are registered with FERPA. Due to that, they got to follow all the rules and guidelines in the same regards.

Hence, no other request except a mailed one will be entertained by the college or the university. This is been done to avoid any identity theft or fraud cases. You don't need to feel puzzled about, ‘How do I get my original certificate if I lost it’ kind of thoughts. Just simply go to the college website for all the relevant details.

Once you get the related application form, download it, print it, fill it by hand. And then simply mail it to your alma mater's registrar office.

Every college or university have their own policies in terms of a replacement degree., So, if they ask you to submit notarized documents along with your application, you can arrange it while scheduling an appointment with the notary public at your local UPS store.

What if I Need my Replacement Degree Same Day?

The process mentioned above takes its own sweet time. Hence, you got to show some good patience while going by it. Yet, if you want the replacement degree today or within the next few days, it’s always suggested to contact some of the best replacement degree providers online, like quick diplomas.

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