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You have recently cracked a job interview but there’s a problem. Your potential employer has asked for a copy of your high school diploma, but you lost it years ago. You have no idea how to get one, and have no idea about how to get a replacement diploma from high school.

Well, all you need to do is take a deep breath and read this article till the end. Now, as you are looking for a replacement diploma for high school, you first need to contact the school authorities.

By doing this, you could have a fresh copy of your diploma in your possession in just a few weeks or even days. Again, depending on your circumstances, it might be a little trickier than that. Follow these below steps to make it easier and more convenient for you.

Contact the Administration of Your Former High School

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Contacting your former high school is the simplest way to obtain a copy of your high school diploma. They ought to be able to mail you a copy or at the very least direct you to a person who can.

Check the webpage of your high school before making calls. You might be able to request a copy of your replacement diploma for high school using the request forms page. No big deal if their website doesn't have this feature.

Still, there is one feature that almost all high school websites share - their e-mail address. To order a fresh copy of your high school diploma, contact them by phone or email. Some schools actually issue replacement degrees, while others don't. If yours is unable to help you, they will at least be able to direct you to the appropriate party.

Make a replacement copy request

You'll typically be required to complete request forms, mail them in, or email them electronically. Basic details like your name, graduation year, and address will be requested of you. You will move on to the following stage of the procedure once you sign on the dotted line.

Pay the processing fee

You will almost always be required to pay a processing charge in order to complete the transaction. Rest assured that it won't hurt your pocket too much. Typically, it costs no more than $10 to $15. You can relax and wait for your diploma to arrive in the mail after paying your money.

Directly Contact the School District

It goes without saying that you cannot contact your high school to ask for a fresh replacement high school diploma if it has closed. In this situation, you must get in touch with the district where your old school was located. All of the students who attended that district's schools will have records available.

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Call them up

A call should certainly resolve your query regarding how to get a replacement diploma from high school. The district website for your school may feature a section where you can seek your diploma, similar to the website for your high school. If not, you should be able to take note of some kind of contact information.

Inform the school district that you require a copy of your diploma by contacting them directly by phone or email. Once more, they ought to have information on every student that attended a school in your district. They ought to have no trouble sending you a copy of your diploma.

Complete the forms and pay the processing fee

You must submit a request form before receiving your high school replacement diploma in the mail. It is identical to the one you would receive from high school. You are required to offer the same data.

Once done, you will then need to pay your processing charge, which is around $15. You can mail in your forms and payment or pay online with your credit card.

Remember that if you choose the second course of action, you must pay with cash or money order. The likelihood is high that the business won't take a personal check.

Contact the State Department of Education

You must get in touch with the state department of education if you ever find yourself in the uncommon circumstance where your school and school district is no longer operating. Even closed high schools will have records available to them.

They ought to be able to direct you to a helpful somebody. Your name, the town where your high school was located, the name of your high school, and the year you graduated will likely be requested. This must address you concern regarding how to get a replacement diploma from high school.

What if You Attended College Prep or a Private School?

We've covered a lot of ground regarding how to get a replacement diploma from high school. Still that would help only if you attended a public school but not if you attended a private one. The strategy described above is also applicable when working with the state department of education.

For a list of private schools, you may also visit the National Center for Education Statistics website. After providing some basic information, you'll be given the name and contact details of a person who can assist you.

Other Options to Consider

Your school district might not be able to replace your diploma at all. They will instead propose to provide you with a copy of your transcripts. Most of the time, the party requesting your diploma will be satisfied with this document.

Even so, you should contact them to double-check. They need to be able to provide you with some options if it won't do. Still, if nothing else works, your last resort is to buy a replacement high school diploma from trusted websites like Quick Diplomas.

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Final Words

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