Have you ever watched a movie or gone to a theatrical play and got so immersed in the scene, thinking it’s the most realistic thing you’ve ever witnessed, to the point where you feel like you’re one of the characters taking part in the plot? If this has happened to you it’s partly because the actors are great, but mainly because the setting is so well recreated you instantly look at it and feel like you’re in the actual place.

In order to create the most realistic settings and environments for movies and plays, the crew in charge of scenography take care of even the most little details in order to build up a place from scratch that really absorbs the audience into believing they’re really there. The crew typically makes use of furniture, decoration and other sorts of items commonly known as props. In this article we’ll explore more about diploma props and their purpose in films and theatrical plays.

What are diploma props?

As we mentioned before, props (formally called theatrical property) are objects of all sizes and shapes, that are used on stage or on screen by actors during a screening or performance of a play or a film. Basically, a prop is any object that can be moved or carried around by the actors on the stage or set, and it stands out from the actors, scenery and costumes.

Some props can be big such as cars or furniture, some are medium sized such as suitcases or musical instruments and others are so small and almost imperceptible such as items of food or even diplomas and other personal documents. In the case of diploma props, they are so well recreated that they must contain the real information regarding a character or events relevant to the plot of the story.

Uses for diploma props

Now we know that realistic diploma props are used as part of the decoration or even as an important part in the plot and development of the story of a theatrical play or film, but the uses of this kind of document can be very wide.

In some portrayals there are characters who are doctors or lawyers or even judges and some scenes take place in their office. If this is the case then you might notice how, in a particular scene, the wall behind the desk of the character is filled with very realistic diploma props.

Other times, the plot of the play makes the use of a diploma prop even more crucial because it has to be handled or shown up close. In this case it is even more important to have a realistic diploma prop that has all the information regarding a character and dates that make sense to the story of the play or movie.

How to pick the most realistic diploma props

When speaking of realistic diploma props for theatrical portrayals and movie projects, you’ll want to trust your project with only the best. There are companies such as QuickDiplomas.com who take care of creating the most realistic and believable diploma props in the market, which can contain not only the information you want on the character you develop for your story, but also very real and updated templates and designs regarding the College, High School or University from where you want to recreate the diploma.

So now you know, if you work in the movie business or you’re creating your own theatrical play and you want to purchase a very realistic diploma, turn only to the professionals. They’ll make sure to take care of all the small details such as the font of the diploma, the quality of the paper and even that the symbols and stamp are realistic enough for your audience to feel like they’re in the real thing.